Troop 404 Physical Fitness Initiative

Troop 404 is partnering with Billy Larkins for an extended 30-week program of physical activity, education, and opportunity for advancement. The goal for this program is to assist scouts to fulfil their oath to remain physically strong and to establish a passion for physical fitness/wellness and overall health. The program is open to all scouts regardless of fitness level.

The scouts attended their first session today!  Looking at the pictures, it looks like they got a lot out of it,

The sessions will help scouts obtain a better understanding of their bodies, the way it functions and how to integrate exercise and nutrition to be the best version of themselves. Scouts will receive a training program custom-tailored to their personal goals whether it is just starting a physical fitness routine to those scout athletes ready to take their physical fitness to the next level. Sessions will include both indoor activities and outdoor activities in various locations around the region.

The program will incorporate opportunities to fulfill the physical fitness requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class rank advancement as well as the opportunity to earn up to seven merit badges: Personal Fitness (Eagle), Hiking (Eagle), Athletics, Sports, Medicine, Public Health, and Entrepreneurship (maybe more if the opportunity presents itself). Scouts should plan on participating even if they have some or all of the badges.

In addition to exclusive scout specific programs for Troop participants, enrolled scouts will receive membership to the Larkins Sports Performance Complex for the entirety of the 30-week program. Scouts can schedule unlimited workout sessions in the pursuit of their goals as well as to fulfill rank and merit badge requirements.

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