Summer Camp at Camp Merz

This year Troop 404 spent summer camp at Camp Merz near Chautauqua Lake in New York.   We had a large turnout of scouts!  Many of them were first and second year campers!

The camp was eventful to say the least.  Weather-wise, it started nice, however by Tuesday we got hit with torrential rains that flooded a good portion of our campsite.  Fortunately, quick thinking leaders and scouts dug a trench to drain the water to lower ground  just in time, before the waterline reached the tent floors. 

Other then a few days of major rain, the camp was fun and an overall great experience.  The food was probably the best camp food we have had (steak! turkey legs!)  We even got to make funnel cakes at camp.   One of the evenings, the camp thew us a “Luau” including music, karaoke, a volleyball tournament, and a bleached designed T-shirt making workshop.   

The Chautauqua area is very beautiful.  We look forward to returning here in the future. 

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